Day 58

Koangok Narrows to SW Peqetuaz Hill

Distance: 7 km, – [cumulative total 1251 km]

InReach: Day 58 Coffee at dinner = pee at 2am but you do get to see the Northern Lights last night 1st time this trip Only 7km, defeated by waves & wind

Camp: 64.547°N 98.835°W

Disappointing day, weather forecast didn’t predict a wind favouring us but decided it was worth making the effort to get a few kilometres further down the lake. We paddled hard for about and hour before giving up and making camp. Since setting up the wind has increased and it has rained. We did manage to get in a walk on the tundra without the accompaniment of blackflies. We found an Inuit tent ring and had had a good feed of both blueberries and cloud berries. Here the blueberries are struggling to ripen and much smaller than those we had on the Hanbury. The cloud berries were bright red but still a little crunchy, summer still hasn’t fully reached this part of the world. We had a snooze after lunch, John has trouble sleeping at night as he cannot get warm, not surprising as he has lost so much weight he is just a bag of bones.

Inuit tent ring

The tent is pitched length ways into the wind. With quartering headwinds and big waves it was just too hard and too dangerous, better to camp and wait!