Day 59

SW Peqetuaz Hill to Qamanaugaq Bay

Distance: 35 km – [cumulative total 1286 km]

InReach: Day 59 Off Aberdeen & heading for Shultz Lk. Caught large trout, dinner & breakfast tomorrow Very strong winds forecast next 36hr unfortunately

Camp: 64.649°N 98.381°W

Awoke early after a night disturbed by strong wind blowing. There was a damp mist which increased after we got up, packed up camp while waiting for the mist to burn off and the wind to moderate. We were paddling by 8am, the wind was not a factor and we paddled all morning having lunch near the exit of Aberdeen Lake. The sun finally appeared though it was still bitterly cold, I don’t think I have ever paddled wearing so many layers of clothing. We have been passing large banks of remnant snow all day. After lunch John fished in a very promising place as fish were jumping everywhere around us. He managed to hook a fish and start reeling it in four times only to lose them. To say he was angry and frustrated would be an understatement, however he eventually hooked and landed a large trout. It was an excellent addition to our dwindling food supply and was big enough that we will have both dinner and breakfast from it. The wind slowed progress in the afternoon but the main thing is Aberdeen Lake is now behind us, particularly as the forecast is threatening gale force winds over the next couple of days.

The one that didn’t get away!

We now appear to be at peak black fly season. Anything dark and even slightly warm attracts swarms of them