Day 56

Isarurjuaq Peninsula to Aberdeen Lake

Distance: 40.5 km, – [cumulative total 1206 km]

InReach: Day 56 Got to Aberdeen Lk late pm Caught another trout, bonus as food running low No problem, still lots stove fuel & thankfully, toilet paper!

Camp: 64.626°N 99.656°W

Woke to fog and a heavy dew however it had burned off by the time we were on the water. We paddled in heavy rain until late morning. Today was another day of challenging navigation as the river is very wide and broken up by numerous islands, plus we are now back on the one in two hundred and fifty thousand scale maps and these fail to show the few details there are in the very featureless landscape. We needed to keep checking the compass and the GPS. After the rain we has some sunshine and even a period of glassy water certainly the wind gave us no hassles today. We stopped several times for John to fish with no luck, this gets him so frustrated, he is a very impatient fisherman. Soon after entering Aberdeen Lake his efforts were rewarded with a beautiful trout on the first cast. We camped about ten kilometres into Aberdeen Lake and hope to make tomorrow a big day as Aberdeen is large and will take us two days even if we are blessed with good winds.

Day 56 camp at the west end of Aberdeen Lake, we hoped the lack of vegetation might equate to lack of bugs, that proved to be an overly optimistic theory!

Kate writing her journal and looking pretty good after 56 days of hard canoeing!