Day 55

Upstream Beverly Lake to Island South of Isarurjuaq Peninsula

Distance: 40 km, – [cumulative total 1165.5 km]

InReach: Day 55 All day paddling across Beverly Lk Now back in the Thelon close to Dubawnt River confluence Will get to Aberdeen Lk tomorrow Trout tonite

Camp: 64.565°N 100.243°W

Today’s goal was to cross Beverly Lake the first and smallest of the three large lakes on the Thelon before Baker Lake. It has been cold again, grey skies and patchy rain all morning, the sun didn’t appear until after we had camped. The bugs have been particularly rampant even in the middle of the lake they drove us crazy. As we paddled into Beverly Lake we stopped for John to fish. After a few casts with no luck he decided to try trolling. He had no sooner set the line up and we had paddled a few stokes when a beautiful trout took the line, talk about beginners luck. Whilst John was fishing I was able to check out the columns of bubbles coming up from the lake floor. We assume these must result from the permafrost melting under the lake and releasing methane. Beverly Lake is noted for drift wood, this is washed down the Thelon during the spring melt and gets trapped on the lake banks. We certainly saw great piles of it, a boon for canoeists looking for fire wood.

Now that we are back to paddling on big lakes we miss the current assist and in my case I miss the ease of navigation. On the lakes we rely on a compass bearing to set our course. We accomplished the goal of crossing Beverly Lake and are now back in the Thelon proper heading for Aberdeen Lake tomorrow. This will take us back to the section of river we paddled for years ago and we are starting to feel that the end is now in sight.

Driftwood at Hoare Point where the Thelon enters Beverly Lake

Evening clouds over the Thelon River