Day 17

Sosan Island to Waldron River

Distance: 30km – [cumulative total 317 km]

InReach: Day 17 Again late start 14:00hr due wind Camped 2km W Waldron River 30km paddled Sun sets abt midnight rises abt 3 so never dark J&K

Camp: 62.928°N 110.601°W

Woke up about 7am there was a cold easterly blowing hard so there would be no paddling this morning. Breakfast, then we both walked about our little bay. It was really enjoyable wandering around with time to check out and take photos of not just the scenery but all the tiny plants and lichens eking out an existence in this very harsh environment. Extra enjoyable morning because of the cold wind there were no bugs or mosquitoes.

Finally the wind abated and we go back on the water about 2pm and paddled non stop for about six hours. We stared out with warm but overcast conditions and even stripped off but the cold rising from the lake soon caught up with us. The shoreline was less spectacular today though we did see some large ice/snow banks usually where rivers or creeks entered the lake, some small bays were completely clogged with ice. There were numerous small beaches along the shore, generally cobble or pebble but occasionally sand, even so we ended up on a cobble beach difficult to walk on and I dare say to sleep on. After the joy of a bug free morning there is no wind this evening and the mosquitoes are unbearable.

First camp away from the cabin

Small pink bell like flowers in caribou moss