Day 16

McLeod Bay to 4km NE Sosan Island

Distance: 33km [Cumulative total 287km]

InReach: Day 16 Wind moderated finally Left cabin 15:00hr paddled until midnight 33km Good to finally be moving again All well J&K

Camp: 62.831°N 111.127°W

YIPPEE, we got away. The plan was to wait for the wind to moderate and leave late afternoon but we got so excited by the prospect of getting back on our way that we had packed up and had lunch before 11am. The wind had abated but it cranked up before we could get going so it was more waiting and pacing until we finally set off into a mild headwind but significant swell about 3pm. The wind strength was up and down with John cursing and continually changing plan, one minute he was going to paddle all night then he was fearful about the lack of suitable camping sites. Great Slave was living up to its reputation for amazing scenery especially the high rocky cliffs of Sosan Island. Finally we found a cobble cum pebble beach about 11pm. It had been a very cold hard paddle constantly beating into the wind and swell so though I wanted to push on and try and find something better in truth we were relieved to call it a day. It looked as though many a traveller had shared our experience as despite the large cobbles it was a very well used camp site, I guess it was the only possible site for miles.

Sunrise Day 16 with the promise of finally getting back in the canoe and making some miles

Passing Sosan Island around 9pm in brilliant sunshine