Day 65

Baker Lake

InReach: Baker Lk: Gear dried & packed Fly out 9am tomorrow Thanks to everyone who has written as we’ve paddled The stats: 64 days, 1455km Cheers J&K

We are hoping to get away tomorrow so a busy day trying to make the necessary arrangements. The day started with a fabulous cooked breakfast with toast and butter, something we have dreamed about. David the cook from four years ago is still here. Spent the morning sorting and drying the tent, clothing and general gear. There are no public computers in Baker Lake so we walked to the high school hoping to use the computers in the library to arrange flights to Winnipeg. It turns out that the local Inuit elders shut the library last year much to the school teachers’ horror however the staff were super helpful and let us use their phones to book a flight for tomorrow. The three hour flight will cost us over $4000.00 Cdn, unbelievable but we have no choice. We are hopeful that Sarah has been able to organize an onward flight from Winnipeg to Vancouver and so home.

After lunch at the Baker Lake fast food joint we spent the afternoon packing, showering etc. Helen, super helpful organized the onward transport of the canoe to Montreal along with those belonging to the party who had paddled the Hanbury ahead of us. A very brief stay in Baker Lake but time enough to see that it had grown considerably in the past four years and again be super impressed by the public facilities provided by the government, the school was amazing.

Baker Lake Lodge

The only polar bears we saw were on the licence plates

Traditional kayak in the Baker Lake High School

Baker Lake High School