Day 61

Island in Qamanaarjuk Lake

Distance: 0.0km, wind bound – [cumulative total 1311 km]

InReach: Day 61 Est gusts last night ~100km/hr Kate blown off her feet Tent & canoe anchored 100 ‘s kg rocks Noise horrific Still blowing as we nap J&K

Camp: 64.716°N 97.967°W

What can one say about last night ! The wind was horrendous, we suspect we had gusts of up to 100kph. John sat in the annex for much of the night fully dressed and ready for action should the tent fail us. It was like being in a balloon being belted around at a children’s party. The walls of the tent were buffeted and pushed in every direction, it was terrifying. Finally about 2am the wind moderated slightly though it remained too windy to contemplate paddling. The important thing was the tent, the canoe and we all survived and now I understand why we invested in an expensive tent.

The day was spent catching up on the sleep we lost last night and generally cleaning up. John caught three smallish trout and they made a delicious meal. Early night as the wind should favour us tomorrow and we would like to travel some distance.

Day after the big blow. The wind was coming right to left. The canoe is still weighted with hundreds of kilograms of rocks