Day 14

Cabin in McLeod Bay

Icebound: Cumulative total remains 254 km

InReach: Day 14 Bitterly cold NE wind Mosquitos hv day off! Bay full brash & pancake ice drifting to Taltheilei Narrows Spectacular to see J&K

Camp: 62.611°N 111.520°W

Good nights sleep despite visitation by the native mouse John moved out yesterday. It appears more curious than interested in food, it doesn’t chew on anything and is not scared of us. It sat on the partition at the end of my bunk watching me whilst I talked to it. Later when I was dozing it came up and sat on my pillow. It is tiny, very fat, dark brown/grey on top and pale underneath with large ears. John put it out again but no doubt it will visit again tonight, it must have its own entrance.

We awoke to an overcast sky and a bitterly cold wind, the bay in front of the cabin was completely blocked with ice whilst the ice out in the lake was moving swiftly and noisily up the narrows towards the fishing lodge. Over the morning the continuing ‘river’ of moving ice gradually cleared our view down the east arm however the bay remained blocked. The headwind was fierce and freezing it wouldn’t be possible to paddle against it even if there was no ice. It seems we have got rid of the ice problem only to have a wind one!!

We spent the morning making regular checks on the ice movement and designing our future house. We have made a wish list and noted what things we both agree on in house design. It has been a good way to pass the time and keep our minds off the incredible cold, so cold even the mosquitoes have taken the day off. Afternoon remained freezing. I played many games of patience and we kept checking the ice and were relieved when by evening only a small area of ice was left in the bay immediately in front of the cabin. The wind came and went but its strength and the swell made paddling impossible. The forecast for tomorrow is gloomy plus, plus. We had an early night because bed was the only place you could keep warm.

View looking NE up McLeod Bay during a lull in the wind

North American robin hunting insects on the ice surface