Day 8

Pethei Peninsula to Cabin in McLeod Bay

Distance: 21km – [cumulative total 218km ]

InReach: Day 8 Paddled 21km stopped by solid ice E Arm Carsten in Bavaria providing satellite info updates Camped in Dene cabin so snug & comfortable Cheers J&K

Camp: 62.611°N 111.520°W

Unsurprisingly started the day by loosing the rest of my tooth. On water soon after 8am, the water calm with slight tailwind and clear blue skies. We made great progress with a continuation of spectacular steep cliffs off to the south, unfortunately for photography they were in deep shadow. We reached Great Slave Lodge, [Plummer’s Fishing Camp], by noon only to be informed by Bill that the East Arm, our destination, was ice bound. Bill led us through the lodge where “my professionals” were having lunch, as yet there were no guests and no coffee was offered to us blow ins, so much for northern hospitality! Most helpfully however Bill told us of a Lutsel K’e Dene Band cabin about one kilometre further on that we could stay in whilst we waited for the ice to break up.

Kate secretly wishing we had one of these with a big motor!

We found out later that U.S. President George H. W. Bush used to come here fishing

We had lunch at the cabin which was surprisingly well set up and tidy, it even has a long drop. After lunch we paddled towards the ice but decided it would be better to wait and see what tomorrow brings ice wise. The problem is even if we found a lead along the shore the lack of camp sites could be a problem if we got trapped by ice. The decision was to stay put at the cabin until there was some certainty of getting through. As we had both space and shelter it was a an opportunity to get lots of jobs done. I washed myself and best of all my hair then sorted the food drums, great to be able to spread out. We also went through all the bags and found “lost” matches and peg bag. John did maps, checked distances and messaged Carsten in Germany on the In Reach to check Google Earth for ice conditions, who replied that yes the East Arm was still solid with ice. Meanwhile it was great to sit at a table and work in a clean space with tables and chairs and with the prospect of sleeping on a bunk tonight. It was also good to be inside as the wind has turned around 180 degrees with a brief shower of rain. Fingers crossed for some ice movement tomorrow.

Kate with friend at the cabin

Sorting and repacking the food drums