Day 9

Island Reindeer River 16km Below Steephill Rapids

Distance [191]

Rained and blew all night – it was soon apparent that we were not going anywhere today. Not the best place to camp however it was flat and more importantly sheltered from the raging wind. We were forced to remain in the tent all day, it rained on and off all morning but the wind did not let up until evening. We talked, cooked meals and read – I fired up the Kindle and have read almost a complete book “Light between Oceans” which I hadn’t realized is set in the south west of WA. John read and snoozed, a very frustrating day as it was cold and the humidity must have been 100% so no further drying. These forced lay days in places where you would never choose to camp are very tedious.

Have thought of Mum as this is her weekend try out at Lyndoch, hope all goes well.

Cooking breakfast in the tent

Cooking breakfast in the tent